Uncommon Alchemy

SLIDE 1: “momentum’s nursery…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 10” X 6 3/4” SLIDE 2: “an eruptive dismay…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 5″ x 9″ SLIDE 3: “the cordial coercion…” handcut vintage paper collage on two antique photo cabinet cards (2020) 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Previous Next Slide 1: “momentum’s nursery…” handcut vintage […]

Wickedly Welsh

Justin Barrie Kelly, Gold Medal for Excellence, found object, assemblag, contemporary art, Welsh artist, sculpture, Low relief, Wall hanging, Sculptural relief, Collage

“Gold Medal for Excellence” . Image courtesy of the artist. Wickedly Welsh In the Studio with Artist Justin Barrie Kelly @justin_barrie_kelly   Fascination for geometry runs deep for artist Justin Barrie Kelly. Fluent in the genres of collage, assemblage, photography and painting, he moves fluidly between each medium and never fails to astonish.  Showing a […]

Zoom Zoom

Ken Kellerher’s Exponential Vespa contemporary art modern art sculpture

Left​: ​Ken Kellerher’s “Exponential Vespa​” / ​ ​Center​:​ Alexandra Bircken’s ​“Janus” (2016) / ​Right​: ​Chris Labrooy’s ​“Flamingo Porsche 911” Giclée fine art print on Semi gloss paper Zoom Zoom…?! A modified Yamaha sheds wheels in deference to rockers. Pristine white Vespas radiate like spokes on a wheel. A pink Porsche 911 transforms into a flamingo […]

Elegant and Eloquent?​ ​Enter Billie Zangewa

Left​ : ​ “An Angel at My Bedside”,​ (2020) hand-stitched silk collage 31.89 x 46.06 in. / Center:​ ​“Self-Care Sunday”​ (2020) hand-stitched silk collage 47.64 x 24.41 in. / ​Right​: Detail of ​​“Self-Care Sunday”​ (2020) Elegant and Eloquent?​ Enter Billie Zangewa Lehman Maupin presents: “Wings of Change” Through November 7, 2020 There’s something comforting in […]

G-r-e-a-t S-c-o-t-t! Who was the Artist Judith Scott?

Slide 1: “Untitled” (2002) Found objects assembled and wrapped in twine and yarn. The Museum of Modern Art, New York Slide 2: “Untitled” (2004) Fiber and found objects 28 x 15 x 27 in. The Brooklyn Museum, New York Slide 3: “Untitled” (2000) Fiber and found objects 25 x 12 x 10 in. The Brooklyn […]

The Disquieting Muses

Xandro Thumb – “A Forest” Oil on canvas, 95 x 81 cm (2020). Xandro Alvarez – “Doll Play” Oil on canvas, 122 x 103 cm (2020). Xandro Alvarez – “Seau” Oil on canvas, 95 x 81 cm (2020). Previous Next Slide 1: “A Forest” Oil on canvas, 95 x 81 cm (2020). Slide 2: “Doll […]

Space Cowboy: The Artist Robert Bittenbender

“Charisma Carpenter” (2019) Steel, plastic, zip-ties, rubber tubing, bobby pins and other materials 39 × 39 × 7 in.  From “Space Vixens” at the Lomex Gallery, New York Space Cowboy: The Artist Robert Bittenbender It was a year ago last May that this writer ventured to Lomex Gallery to see “Space Vixens”, a solo show featuring the […]

Rattle and Hum
In the Studio with artist William York

“Rauchen Verboten” (2019) Assemblage with Found Objects Rattle and Hum In the studio with artist William York @spencer_william william-york.com With the ascendency of the Souls Grown Deep Foundation, the popularity of the Outsider Art Fair and acceptance of artists like Daniel Lind Ramos and Jessi Reaves – who work with unconventional materials, – it cannot […]

MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA: Scaffolding in the Works of Artist Kay Sage

Slide 1: “Small Portrait” 1950 Oil on canvas 14 ½ x 11 ½ in. Slide 2: “Tomorrow is Never” 1955 Oil on canvas 37 ⅞ x 53 ⅞ in.Slide 2: “Tomorrow is Never” 1955 Oil on canvas 37 ⅞ x 53 ⅞ in. Slide 3: “Tomorrow Mr. Silver” 1949 Oil on canvas 18.1 x 14 […]

Frippin’ trippin with Artist Jörn Philipp Sohlmann

“Drunter und drüber im Garten der F.” (“Topsy-turvy in the garden of F.”) (2017) Acrylic, acrylic marker, marker and paper collage on canvas 60 x 70 cm. Permission given by the artist. “Frippin’ trippin’” with Artist Jörn Philipp Sohlmann @j.p.sohlmann_art  Sohlmann.art To peer into the collages of Jörn Philipp Sohlmann is to walk into a […]