Uncommon Alchemy

SLIDE 1: “momentum’s nursery…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 10” X 6 3/4” SLIDE 2: “an eruptive dismay…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 5″ x 9″ SLIDE 3: “the cordial coercion…” handcut vintage paper collage on two antique photo cabinet cards (2020) 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ Previous Next Slide 1: “momentum’s nursery…” handcut vintage […]

Wickedly Welsh

Justin Barrie Kelly, Gold Medal for Excellence, found object, assemblag, contemporary art, Welsh artist, sculpture, Low relief, Wall hanging, Sculptural relief, Collage

“Gold Medal for Excellence” . Image courtesy of the artist. Wickedly Welsh In the Studio with Artist Justin Barrie Kelly @justin_barrie_kelly   Fascination for geometry runs deep for artist Justin Barrie Kelly. Fluent in the genres of collage, assemblage, photography and painting, he moves fluidly between each medium and never fails to astonish.  Showing a […]

Elegant and Eloquent?​ ​Enter Billie Zangewa

Left​ : ​ “An Angel at My Bedside”,​ (2020) hand-stitched silk collage 31.89 x 46.06 in. / Center:​ ​“Self-Care Sunday”​ (2020) hand-stitched silk collage 47.64 x 24.41 in. / ​Right​: Detail of ​​“Self-Care Sunday”​ (2020) Elegant and Eloquent?​ Enter Billie Zangewa Lehman Maupin presents: “Wings of Change” Through November 7, 2020 There’s something comforting in […]

Frippin’ trippin with Artist Jörn Philipp Sohlmann

“Drunter und drüber im Garten der F.” (“Topsy-turvy in the garden of F.”) (2017) Acrylic, acrylic marker, marker and paper collage on canvas 60 x 70 cm. Permission given by the artist. “Frippin’ trippin’” with Artist Jörn Philipp Sohlmann @j.p.sohlmann_art  Sohlmann.art To peer into the collages of Jörn Philipp Sohlmann is to walk into a […]

Feathers, Dreams and Femme-Fatales: The Art of Alfredo Quintana Garay

“Siren With Medusa Eyes” 30 x 40 cm, Analog Collage 2019 Feathers, Dreams and Femme-Fatales The Art of Alfredo Quintana Garay The allure of mayhem is ubiquitous in the work of artist Alfredo Quintana Garay – aka @Tinttorera. Running like a double-edged sword, chaos and propriety work hand in hand. Delivering a tour de force […]

Catch the Zeitgeist with Artist Dustin Holland

“When Lance Armstrong Married the Moon with his Huge Feet” Catch the Zeitgeist with Artist Dustin Holland @dustin.holland.artstuff www.etsy.com/shop/SREMMAHFODOG “Time-soaked venom chirping vile village chunks…” “Still on anti-anatomical botanical garden warden gig March…” “Like eat the baby sell the cow…” Cannibalism aside, the work of poet, collagist and comic book artist Dustin Holland bristles with […]

Sam Dodson’s ‘Catalogue of Dreams​’

Slide 1: “The Snake Pit Will Get You in the Imaginarium” Slide 2: “The Snake Pit” Previous Next Slide 1: “The Snake Pit Will Get You in the Imaginarium” / Slide 2: “The Snake Pit” In the Studio with Sam Dodson “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap flying […]

Luxe​ Landscapes: In the Studio with Collagist MarieClaude Rivé

“Farewell” (2019) Paper on cardboard Luxe Landscapes In the Studio with Collagist MarieClaude Rivé From the speckled reptilian snake skins to placid Greek sculptures, winding staircases and cathedral archways the color of ochre, the collages of emerging artist MariClaude Rivé possess both movement and tranquility. Warm hues play against cool hues. Geometry coincides with the […]

Daringly Deconstructive: In the studio with artist Beverly Silva

beverly silva collage works on paper art assemblage found object collage work artist studio rhode island rhode island artist vintage books minimalism book binding book cover book covers dreams visionary vision cityscapes urban corrugated cardboard scrap metal

Slide 1: “She did not ask for more explanation” (2019) Deconstructed vintage book, library pocket, vintage music on painted canvas with found wood frame. Slide 2: “Downtown” (2016) Acrylic and collage on canvas Slide 3: ”Cityscape VI” (2014) Mixed media on paper (including netting, film). Slide 4: “Above and Below” (2019) Deconstructed book and vintage […]

Stitch Stitch Sizzle Sizzle

Simphiwe Ndzube Goddess Nanana

Simphiwe Ndzube “Goddess Nanana”, 2018  Acrylic, spray paint and collage on linen 78 8/10 x 94 9/10 “Uncharted Lands and Trackless Seas” Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa Hey diddle diddle, Stitch stitch sizzle sizzle The collagist, the needle, the loom Smitten, the art world jumped over the moon. The artist Simphiwe Ndzube It’s a novel […]