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Ken Kellerher’s Exponential Vespa contemporary art modern art sculpture

Left​: ​Ken Kellerher’s “Exponential Vespa​” / ​ ​Center​:​ Alexandra Bircken’s ​“Janus” (2016) / ​Right​: ​Chris Labrooy’s ​“Flamingo Porsche 911” Giclée fine art print on Semi gloss paper Zoom Zoom…?! A modified Yamaha sheds wheels in deference to rockers. Pristine white Vespas radiate like spokes on a wheel. A pink Porsche 911 transforms into a flamingo […]

G-r-e-a-t S-c-o-t-t! Who was the Artist Judith Scott?

Slide 1: “Untitled” (2002) Found objects assembled and wrapped in twine and yarn. The Museum of Modern Art, New York Slide 2: “Untitled” (2004) Fiber and found objects 28 x 15 x 27 in. The Brooklyn Museum, New York Slide 3: “Untitled” (2000) Fiber and found objects 25 x 12 x 10 in. The Brooklyn […]

Space Cowboy: The Artist Robert Bittenbender

“Charisma Carpenter” (2019) Steel, plastic, zip-ties, rubber tubing, bobby pins and other materials 39 × 39 × 7 in.  From “Space Vixens” at the Lomex Gallery, New York Space Cowboy: The Artist Robert Bittenbender It was a year ago last May that this writer ventured to Lomex Gallery to see “Space Vixens”, a solo show featuring the […]

Rattle and Hum
In the Studio with artist William York

“Rauchen Verboten” (2019) Assemblage with Found Objects Rattle and Hum In the studio with artist William York @spencer_william william-york.com With the ascendency of the Souls Grown Deep Foundation, the popularity of the Outsider Art Fair and acceptance of artists like Daniel Lind Ramos and Jessi Reaves – who work with unconventional materials, – it cannot […]

The Fascinating Work of Sculptor Krzysztof Mathews

3d robot sculpture figure mask

Slide 1: “Overdrive” (2018) Found objects construction, ergonomic keyboard. headphones, handles, inkjet printer parts, beads. aircraft parts, acrylic staining, airbrush and enamel. Slide 2: “The Dream Eater” Slide 3: “Inshaa, the Reclaimer” Slide 4: Krzysztof in the studio, Warwick, Rhode Island. Slide 5: “Harbinger” Images granted by permission of the artist. Previous Next Slide 1: […]