On hiatus after mild surgery many years ago, Verna tried her hand at collage only to become obsessed. One piece followed another. Collage is now a major part of her practice. Verna’s early efforts geared toward a palette following the Dadaists and Merzbau. Source material included 1960’s vintage ads, religious iconography and natural history magazines. Today, she has developed her own style and makes work inspired by the written word, particularly the Bible, literature and vintage rap music.

Major themes incorporate spiritual warfare, inner vision, and identity. Why the Bible? Not satisfied with seeing a one-dimensional portrayal of Jesus in bland historical contexts, she wishes to unpack the gospel. She uses collage to portray a living maverick, the great I AM. Series such as The One, Warfare and The Return of the King point to passages in scripture but also chronicle personal triumphs in the life of the artist.