“She makes the sign of the teaspoon
He makes the sign of a wave
The poor boy changes clothes
And puts on aftershave.”
– Paul Simon

Collage on paper (2018)

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This collage began as an exercise on color after this artist attended the “Frank Stella Unbound: Literature and Printmaking” exhibition  at the Princeton Art Museum in 2018 and was immediately impacted. The idea of musicality in art as expressed by Wassily Kandinsky and Stuart Davis proved an impetus. It is not uncommon for this artist to use lyrics as a jumping off point to jumpstart her work. 
She makes the sign of the teaspoon…” is an amalgamation of cut paper, the incorporation of frog imagery and varied patterns as culled from various books and magazines from throughout the artists’ studio. The use of neon orange and blue is a direct result of seeing the tenacious use of Day-Glo color as in the palette of Frank Stella. 


Medium: Collage on paper (2018)
Dimensions: 10 x 8in. –
14 x 12 in. with borders

Archival digital Giclee fine print

From the series: “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag!