Paper: Arches Aquarelle Rag

Print Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches

Series: “Slums Of Shaolin”

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Limited Edition Print


“Straight from Staten, silk like satin.”

“Straight from Staten, silk like satin.”

 – the Wu Tang Clan 

Collage on paper (2018) 10 x 6 in.

 All rights reserved.

Offering a  rare self-portrait from the kinetic “Slums of Shaolin” series, the artist takes her cue from the syncopated lyrics of the Wu Tang Clan. Sophisticated in approach, there’s nothing blue-collar in outlook. Digging down deep with New York polish, “Straight from Staten…” combines an urban vibe with urbane flair. Pulsating, this piece gives a nod to Cubism all the while locating its creator in the electric city that births big dreams.