DANGER: Curves Ahead: The Mad Deep Lit Report

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Danger: Curves Ahead: The Mad Deep lit report

“Reading” (1986) 36.5 x 42.5 in. Archival pigment print / Edition of 15

Avant Gallery presents:
“Guy Le Baube: Behind the Scenes”

Extended through September 15th, 2019

Possessing more S-curves than the Stelvio pass, the nudes inhabiting the world of French photographer Guy le Baube are unapologetically sensual. The artist celebrates the female form with wild abandon. 

A curvaceous figure peeks out from a tuft of pillows, a voluptuous nude slinks blithely into a little black dress while a Lolita-ingénue covers her crotch with a cooking pan. Excuse me? Come-hither and yet not come-hither, photo-shoot and yet not photo-shoot, sensual, and yet spontaneously playful, the female figures are depicted with an air of effortless and uncalculated ease. 

Avant Gallery at the Hudson Yards, New York has extended “Guy le Baube: Behind the Scenes” through September 15th and with good reason. “A contemporary of Helmut Newton and Patrick Demarchelier, Le Baube’s chic, minimal compositions center the beauty of the female figure, playfully laced with innuendo and grace.” ( – Statement, Avant Gallery.) His black and white photography manipulates the eye with the use of light and shadow. Repetitive gentle slopes and rounded curves send the viewer on a visual roller coaster ride.

Left: “St. Jean Cap Ferrat”, (1986) 40 x 28 in. Archival pigment print / Edition of 15 / Center:  “Loving Mom” (2002) 25 x 37 in. Archival pigment print / Edition of 15 / Right: “Culotte” (1978) 39.5 x 28 in. Archival pigment print / Edition of 15

We see S-curves appear again in  “Tattoo” (2007); a tattooed spine emerges from a bath of styrofoam peanuts, and in “Eyelashes” (2005) where a hedonistic nude contemplates the placement of feathery eyelashes on her abdomen.  Curves, curves, curves dominate the landscape. Are we having fun yet? His sensual eye delights in tracing the soft contour of her hands, waist and breasts. Shadows mimic the theme at hand.

Le Baube’s work captures another time and aura;  In an age of digital photography and emaciated models where imperfections are airbrushed out,  Le Baube, however, celebrates the buxom nude. His contemporary elucidates it best: 

“ …his choice of black and white or color, his delicate use of a touch of “Manraysian” surrealism, or his subtle mix of classicism and modernism that often results in an iconic image. Humor and tenderness are forever present in his work and he creates a lightness, which finds itself in contrast to his steady will to find beauty and emotion where it is concealed in imperfection and the unexpected…”

– Patrick Demarchelier

Uncommon Alchemy

SLIDE 1: “momentum’s nursery…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 10” X 6 3/4” SLIDE 2: “an eruptive dismay…” handcut vintage paper collage (2020) 5″ x

Justin Barrie Kelly, Gold Medal for Excellence, found object, assemblag, contemporary art, Welsh artist, sculpture, Low relief, Wall hanging, Sculptural relief, Collage

Wickedly Welsh

“Gold Medal for Excellence” . Image courtesy of the artist. Wickedly Welsh In the Studio with Artist Justin Barrie Kelly @justin_barrie_kelly   Fascination for geometry