Papa was a Rolling Stone: In the Studio with Artist Michael Matos

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Papa was a Rolling Stone

In the Studio with Artist Michael Matos


Needle drop. Needle and thread. Eye of the…You get the point. To speak of needles with multimedia artist Michael Matos may infer a number of cultural references. A visit to the artists’ studio is to be transported into a virtual cockpit headed for points unknown. And that’s exactly where this writer found herself after journeying to Pelham Bay Park, New York one quiet Sunday. Get your thrill on. Michael Matos, aka #matos_studio, speaks with the authority of a sage. He exudes the confidence of a rolling stone. Electronic grids. Dissonant drums. A sewing machine. These are the talismans of his craft. Michael talks candidly about his life in music, digital art, fashion and the blending of all three. A juggernaut in the making, he possesses fierce fire.

“Hey momma, I heard papa called himself a jack of all trades…”

- The Temptations



VV.: Michael, how are you? You’re an artist who translates music into fabric. Take us back; what made you decide to make music?

VV.: What were you searching for as a musician?

“It was about elevating your soul and your people and your culture.”

VV.: What’s your intent? And when do you know you have attained it?

“I’m trying to create a sense of rhythm and movement which is disconcerting...I want to push it to a place where it’s imploding…”

VV.: This isn’t a typical art studio. Walk me through it!

VV.: May you please expound on “object as talisman”?
VV.: This begs the next question. When did you turn to video synthesis?

VV.: Please describe your “hybrid work flow”.

VV.: Please tell me about your wall of fabrics.

VV.: You were once represented by a gallery but found yourself confined to making commercial work. Please tell us about your experience?

VV.: Michael, what do you most wish to stand out as the salient feature of your work? Your music? Your videos? Your quilts?
VV.: And indeed your work stands on its own! Thank you for gracing us with your presence and taking us on a fascinating ride!

For further inquiries, please reach Michael at:

Follow him at: #matos_studio

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