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Wickedly Welsh

“…my experience and manner of working…is about taking things and manipulating them in a very free and creative fashion.”​

Fascination for geometry runs deep for artist Justin Barrie Kelly. Fluent in the genres of collage, assemblage, photography and painting, he moves fluidly between each medium and never fails to astonish.  Showing a proclivity for depicting the cone, cube and orb, he describes these elements as forming the fundamental building blocks of three-dimensional design.

He attributes his background as a former furniture designer to his development as an artist.  Sighting a visceral connection, Justin once admitted to weeping at the sight of Malaevich’s constructivist “White on White”.  Collage Corner catches up with this jack-of-all-trades, as he opens up about his life as an art instructor, graduate student and his work as an artist.