Excuse me, but is it getting hot in here?

The nascent Artists So Hot… series showcases the work of creatives, living and deceased, who have elevated their craft. Painters, sculptors and videographers have paved the way. The nature of the contemporary art world remains in flux as new players arise.

This writer hits the pavement in search of emerging artists. From conducting studio visits in Birmingham, England to traversing New York City galleries, she brings to the fore the work of her contemporaries. The field of game changers widen. From the very blue-chip to those under-the-radar, artists reveal cross-currents; How is the figure portrayed in the 21st century? What do women artists have to say? Who are the next great sculptors?

Do you  live, breathe and think art? Get on board!

Who are these people? These are Artists So Hot – They Melt the Paint Off the Walls!